Privacy policy

In order to offer you the best of our technology and to make you benefit from an optimum service within the framework of our mission of putting in relation between employers and candidates through our application (hereinafter the "Internect Application" or the '' Application '' or '' we ''), Internect acts as controller and, in this context, collects and processes personal data about you.

In order to guarantee the security, but also the confidentiality of the data that you entrust us with the use of Internect, we wanted to explain to you in a clear and transparent way the purpose, the way and the objective of the information collected by Internect.


We also wanted to remind you that this policy may change. It is therefore important for you to take into account updates of it if necessary by checking the content of this charter.

Internect reserves the right to suspend or cancel the access of Users, customers or candidates, who do not respect these conditions or who will contravene the law by posting elements or links to elements with a sexual, violent, discriminatory, racist or who solicits personal data from people.


Collect and processing of personal data

As part of the smooth operation of the services we provide, the collection of your personal data is done in different ways and for many reasons.


Why collected your information?

We collect your information in order to:

• Manage your access to our services set up through our application and make it easy for you to use

• Develop statistics to optimize our services

• Create a file of registered members, users, customers etc.

• Analyze and improve our services

• Respect our legal and regulatory obligations.


How do we collect your data?

We collect your data in several ways. When you download the application from our application, Internect asks you for a certain number of data that you can partially fill in automatically by synchronizing your LinkedIn profile to the Internect application, a certain amount of information can also be added by you.


The data taken on your LinkedIn are:

• Names, first names, profile picture, place of residence, email address, physical address, etc.

• Your academic background

• Your career path

• Your key skills


The data provided by you:

• Remuneration

• Geolocation and radius of your searches

•Current salary

• Salary range desired for your future job

• You can attach your CV in Word or PDF format to apply for offers

• Type of job search (CDI, CDD, Freelance, Internship)

• A pitch on you

• Your certifications

• Details of your career

• Diplomas / Certification etc.


All of this information is necessary for the proper functioning of the matching algorithm.


In addition Internect may be required to use your geolocation data to offer you the best opportunities close to you. This geolocation data is subject to your validation via your smartphone.


Other uses of collected and processed data

Employees of Internect SAS have access to the data collected for professional use only and as part of our services. Our subcontractors as well as public bodies under certain conditions and in a limited way in time can have access to your data in a strictly regulated framework.


Your rights regarding your personal data

Users of Internect whether they are candidates or customers can at any time have access to their personal information. All of your information is accessible from the application or the Internect website. It is therefore possible for you to modify, correct, update or even delete your profile.


How to exercise your rights:

To exercise your rights and in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, two methods are possible:


By email :


By email :

Internect Corp.

180 John st, Toronto suite 409, Canada


Whichever method is chosen, e-mail or e-mail, it is imperative to make your request accompanied by a photocopy of your valid ID and a signed request.

Internect is committed to responding to you within 60 days of receiving your request.



It is important for us to secure all the information we collect. We are committed to using all the means at our disposal to secure your data so that it is not accessible to an unauthorized third party. This commitment is made for both our user candidates and our client users (recruiters).


Hosting your data

In order to secure your data Internect has made the choice to use the hosting services that meet our quality criteria.


Cookies policy

In order to facilitate but also to improve the experience of the user on our website but also on our application, we use cookies.


What is it for a cookie?

A cookie is a sign of connection, that is to say information deposited on your smartphone or computer. The cookie is not a virus, it allows us to maintain usage data for each user.

The purpose of the use of cookies is to memorize your selections and your choices in order to offer you better content in the future. Cookies also allow us to improve the matching and geolocation that are key points of the application. To finish the cookie is an effective way for Internect to identify any malfunctions of the application (bugs etc) and to provide updates.


Do you have questions or suggestions ?

Internect is a company that takes to heart to communicate with its users. If you have questions and / or suggestions about our privacy policy or our application, you can contact us:


By email :


By email :

Internect Corp.

180 John st, Toronto suite 409, Canada



Internect reserves the right to modify all or part of this charter. Any modification of the charter entails an immediate implementation of the changes. The use of Internect will be worth recognition and acceptance of any changes to the charter. If the charter does not suit you, you will no longer have to use Internect.

In the event of a major change in the charter, we will not hesitate to notify Internect users explicitly.