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We located in Great Toronto Area

  • Ecommerce is an essential to advertise your businesses, online advertising and internet world are replacing traditional human power. However, we believe human power is the key to company’s direct sale success, and we will continue insist on this path. We will utilize technology as a tool to make this possible.

  • We interact with talented partners worldwide through online and email meetings, to better serve your business with best workable solution. The resource integration technique allows your company to save any possible unnecessary costs during product launch, and enhance your firm’s ROI.

  • Experts from local can best evaluate the market situations, locals who actually grow up in the neighborhood, they can most appropriately direct us the local’s perceptions as representatives. Whether you are launching new product to new country, or existing market follow up. We offer market research, marketing planning services, and marketing consulting services. We can also find the best suitable distributor agency in foreign country for your product or business.

Our main office is located in Toronto City in Canada.

                                     The end, we wish your business all the best!

Contact Number: +1 647-831-3684

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